Recovery of the Ex-Magazzini Generali

Recovery of the Ex-Magazzini Generali

A new sustainable district for Brescia. The intervention is located in the southwest outskirts of Brescia, close to the ring road and in relation to the now consolidated suburb. It is crossed by a system of parks, of which the one designed becomes the final piece. The proposal is aimed at the recovery of a disused industrial area, with the relative rehabilitation of an abandoned site, within the idea of a city capable of integrating the different components of its transformation coherently.
The project addresses the issues that this part of the city presents by achieving an integration of the urban front, recovering and placing in a new context the surviving memory of the ancient cheese depots called “casere,” and valuing them as a testimony to the productive history of the place.

The declining outskirts become a new urban gateway, a threshold marking the transition from an external condition to the city to one of recognizability within the urban core and its system of elements.

A strong characterization of the places with new fronts, squares, tall buildings integrated into the shopping center.



Brescia - Italia


Nuovi Assetti Urbani S.P.A

Total area

41100 mq

Built area

74500 mq


urban redevelopment: Former Casere and Leisure Center, directional commercial, tertiary, residential, diagnostic hospital, hotel

Architectural Design
Arch. Camillo Botticini, Arch. Matteo Facchinelli (Botticini + Facchinelli ARW S.r.l. S.t.p.)

Project Team
Arch. Alessandro Galperti, Ing. Francesco Lombardi, Arch. Amalia Dumitru

© Flooer studio

Project drawings

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Category: Residential complex

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