Bergamo South Gate

Bergamo South Gate

In Bergamo Sud, the redevelopment of the railway yards area has been a debated topic for decades and the subject of numerous unrealized projects. The proposal for sustainable urban regeneration starts from the principle of analyzing the specific physical, social, and productive components concentrated in the area, enhancing their peculiarities and transforming the station and yards into a new layout. It aims to create, as the centerpiece of the intervention, an urban park that reconnects, between nature and artifice, two historically divided parts of the city. It's referred to as a sustainable project because it adds natural elements and integrates and reorganizes infrastructure, creating a mix of residential, educational, university, healthcare, and tertiary facilities. Here, pedestrianization and intermodality propose a new way of living that distinctly separates slow and fast mobility.

A new intermodal hub that integrates the current transportation stations both by rail and by road

A new gateway and link between the city center and the international airport, creating a complex urban structure



Bergamo - Italia


FS Sistemi Urbani S.r.l.

Total area

1000000 mq

Built area

455000 mq


urban redevelopment of the railway yards area

Urban Design
Vitali S.p.A. (lead group leader), Arch. Francisco Mangado, Arch. Camillo Botticini, Arch. Matteo Facchinelli (Substantial Architecture S.a.s.) with Arch. Attilio Gobbi

Project Team
Arch. Alessandro Galperti, Arch. Andrea Plebani, Arch. Andrea Bosio

Landscape Design Consultants
PROAP João Nunes – Arch. Iñaki Zoilo

Environment and Sustainability Consultants
HABITECH – DTTN, Ing. Francesco Gasperi

Mobility and Transportation Consultants
Systematica S.r.l. – Ing. Giovanni Bottini, Arch. Samuele Camolese

Smart City Consultants
Planet Idea S.r.l. – Arch. Graziella Roccella


Project drawings

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Category: Residential complex

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