Ponte di Legno Spa

Ponte di Legno Spa

The architectural definition with minimal environmental impact is linked to the dual purpose of being a sequence of individualized spaces, strongly characterized by light, and at the same time, an integrated and coherent system through a path that connects different areas. Another foundational aspect of the project is its strong introversion to maximize privacy from the outside and it allows targeted views from the inside by selecting the landscape of the surrounding mountain profiles. With light as the main protagonist of the spa, water is the reactive element and reveals suggestive reflections by creating intense and ever-changing atmospheres. The materials for the entire building will predominantly be sourced locally, with the use of a local stone from Adamello called Diorite which promotes the regional economy. The external effect will resemble the ancient walls that mark the buildings in the Val Camonica.

Poetically, it could be defined as a crystal rock from Adamello that has stopped, breaking and reforming its spires in the valley floor—a iconic building that is highly attractive, but at the same time it is balanced and harmonious resonating with the place and its settlement scale

Light becomes the predominant material in revealing the space, volumes, and the materiality of the rough stone, both inside as flooring and cladding, and outside in enhancing the “skillful play of volumes under the light.”



Ponte di Legno (BS) - Italia


Turra Group, Municipality of Ponte di Legno

Built area

29000 mq


spa, residential and hotel building

Architectural Design
Abda – architects Botticini – De Appolonia and associates

Arch. Alessandro Alberti, Arch. Federico Morandini, Arch. Alessandro Galperti, Arch. Nicola Martinoli, Arch. Stefano Ferracini, Arch. Tiziana Pagone

Construction Company
Gruppo Turra

Project drawings

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