CTM Rixheim 1


  • Trophées Eiffel d’Architecture Acier 2017

    Finalist & Honorable mention

  • Medaglia d’Oro all’Architettura Italiana 2015

    Selected project

  • Premio Giovane Talento dell’Architettura Italiana 2015

    Selected project

  • Premio Barbara Cappochin 2015

    Finalist project

  • Premio New italian Blood 2014

    Selected project

CTM Rixheim 1

An agricultural context on one side and a vast area of residential expansion on the other suggested the creation of an imposing architecture, well integrated into the landscape compared to local architectural models. The most prominent feature is the roof, which brings together all functions under a single architectural element, marked on the facade by the succession of different spans. The underlying idea of the layout suggested the development of two very different facades. The northern elevation benefits from constant indirect light, permeating through a translucent material like polycarbonate, highly efficient in terms of thermal and acoustic properties, soft and domestic in relation to the surrounding context; thanks to this, the facade serves as a mediator between internal functions and the external landscape, using sunlight as a source of illumination and appearing as a kind of magical lantern in the evening.

The volume of the model taken as a reference is the archetype of Alsatian architecture, which, repeated in multiple modules, allows for a variable volumetrics more suitable for a building for public rather than private use

The proportion defines a strong and simple building, whose industrial character is mitigated by the logic of the existing pitched roofs



Rixheim – Francia


Municipality of Rixheim

Total area

6200 mq

Built area

1700 mq


municipal technical centre for public transport maintenance, storage, workshops and services for workers

Architectural Design
Arch. Matteo Facchinelli (MFA Architects), Arch. Nicola Martinoli

Project Team
Arch. Erica Beluffi, Ing. Marco Venosta, Arch. Martina Pavani, Arch. Daniele Quadri

Project Management
Arch. Matteo Facchinelli (MFA Architects), Arch. Nicola Martinoli

Structural Consultants
SIB Etudes, BWG

Consultants for Electrical and HVAC Design
BET Marchal, BMA

Landscape Design Consultants
Acte 2 paysage

Costs and Project Management Consultants

Construction Company
CLB Construction Lucchina Basso, Renk Emile SA, SO-CEM

© Fernando Guerra FG + SG

Project drawings

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Category: Technical center

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