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B House

The project aims to integrate with the context in which it is located, considering the relationship with the hillside setting and Mount Maddalena. The building therefore faces the natural landscape while maintaining, thanks to the reduced height of the profile, respect for the view of the hills from the road.

The house has an irregular “L” layout, mainly closed towards the street side and transparently open towards the hills to the west.

The volume consists of a basement for garages, cellar, laundry and technical rooms, and an above-ground floor located at 2.35 metres from the average level of the adjacent street. The latter corresponds to the average height of the house, which is naturally higher than the roadway.

The house defines a virtual courtyard, the fourth vertex of which is a tree that closes the shape. The layout enhances the quality of the open space towards the hill, in relation to the distance from the boundaries, and closes off from the road at the rooms. Three materials are used here: glass, which characterises the lower part of the building, dark brown plaster for the walls, and aluminium of the same shade for the roof, the building’s cap.

The colour, even in its material diversity, integrates the form and makes the volume consistent with the landscape. Finally, wood is used for the blind and sliding doors and the portion of the vertical walls hollowed out on the eastern side.

The floor above ground consists of the living and sleeping areas, distributed in the two wings of the building. The living area consists of an eat-in kitchen and a large living and dining area, open to the landscape setting.