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Pisa Biennale 2021

ARW is honoured to have been invited to the Pisa Biennale 2021 edition with the theme renaissance. Collective space/individual space. From 8 to 17 October 2021

The choice of the theme for the fourth edition of the Pisa Biennale of Architecture comes from the need to think about the destiny of our cities, of both private and public spaces, after the shock that the health emergency has represented for the entire social order: Rebirth intended as a restart, a state of mind, a desire, a need to regenerate at the end of such a difficult period, which has severely tested our certainties and forced us to concretely rethink our future.

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Expressive economy of architecture and space, wanting to be necessary but critically distant from trends and formalisms, nourished by history, not merely reproducing it but capturing it in its primary elements and structures.