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Nuove forme dell’abitare nella ricerca progettuale di ARW

Architectural Research Workshop is an architectural firm founded by architects Camillo Botticini and Matteo Facchinelli in 2015. In recent years the studio has tackled numerous housing projects, ranging from single houses to large residential complexes, in a wide variety of contexts.

The site-specific sensitivity that distinguishes the studio’s work has made it possible to propose, test and realise multiple ways of living, accompanying the design with constant theoretical research on the subject.

This book, enriched by the important contribution of some well-known and appreciated Italian professionals and university professors, aims to build a moment of reflection on living and its forms that, starting from ARW’s experience, can define its nature, problems and prospects.

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Expressive economy of architecture and space, wanting to be necessary but critically distant from trends and formalisms, nourished by history, not merely reproducing it but capturing it in its primary elements and structures.