Trenzano Civic Center

Trenzano Civic Center

The square, a central element of the project, combines the various components of the intervention's structure: a space limited in size but conceived as a formally designated place, defined by the built environment, pedestrianized, and made available for meetings, strolls, and social gatherings. The building located on the north side is repurposed as an Auditorium-Civic Hall and complementary service spaces. An extension is planned, which, by reintroducing a second order of columns echoing the rhythm and dimensions of the existing ones, recreates a colonnade on this front in line with the original entrance hall and a natural extension of the one in front of the portion of the building not demolished on the east side. On the first floor, an exhibition path becomes an "architectural promenade" aiming to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The restoration of an ancient Lombard farmhouse becomes an opportunity to create a new “central place” for the rural nucleus of Trenzano

The square, a central element of the project, combines the various components of the intervention’s structure



Trenzano (BS) - Italia


Municipality of Trenzano

Built area

2500 mq


civic centre

Architectural Design
Arch. Camillo Botticini, Gianfranco Sangalli, Giampietro Messali

Preliminary Design
Oscar De Maria, Nicola Faustini, Elisabetta Ghiaini, Michel Lesioli, Ignazio Marchetti, Milena Vivenzi

Construction Management
Arch. Camillo Botticini

Structural Design
Giampietro Messali with Franco Calmieri

Systems Design
Associated Engineering Studio Valzelli

Project drawings

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