Sarezzo Gym


  • Arches Award 2004

    Honorable mention

Sarezzo Gym

Sarezzo is a municipality in the lower Val Trompia that combines urbanized terrain with a mountainous backdrop. The project's generative structure is divided into two parts oriented towards the road and a pre-existing building, which, when reclaimed, establishes a connection through the high entrance loggia.
The gray color of the external concrete walls and the corten of the sunshade blades define the building, whose angularity and external toughness align well with the industrial character of Val Trompia. In contrast to this, the interior is conceived as an elegant and white box supported by a framework of visible steel columns and beams. The changing rooms, connected to the gym by a frosted glass compass, overlook small tree-lined courtyards.

An iconic and emblematic architecture, simultaneously domestic and representative of its collective and public function

The generative structure of the project is divided into two parts oriented towards the road



Sarezzo (BS) - Italia


Municipality of Sarezzo



Architectural Design
Arch. Camillo Botticini, Claudio Corna

Sara Ambrosini, Germano Rovetta, Milena Vivenzi

Structural Design
Donato Aquino

Systems Design
Associated Studio Valzelli

Construction Company
Stefana di Villacarcina

© Emanuela Casagrande

Project drawings

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Category: Sport

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