Office and Services Building for ASM

Office and Services Building for ASM

Situated near the highway exit, the office building presents itself as a sequence of Serizzo stone partitions, spaced apart and connected by deep fissures. The rhythm of these partitions engages with the "motion space," defined by the flow of passing cars. A large roof made of galvanized steel stands out from the partitions, emphasizing the constructive role of each part. The sequence of walls opens up with a deep corner loggia that leads to a double-height space, illuminated from above and intended for users.

A sequence of spaced-apart partitions connected by deep fissures

An intelligent use of section and compositional techniques that reject the use of a frame to explore the possibilities of orthogonal wrapping of the walls



Pontevico (BS) - Italia


ASM Brescia


offices and services

Architectural Design
Arch. Camillo Botticini, Gianfranco Sangalli, Donato Aquilino

C. Mistretta, M. Agosti, F. Omodei

Project Management
Arch. Camillo Botticini

Structural Design
Donato Aquilino

© Giorgio Goffi, © Giovanni Rasia dal Polo

Project drawings

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Category: 1993-2013

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