Montichiari Cemetery

Montichiari Cemetery

The project involves the expansion of the nineteenth-century Montichiari cemetery. The courtyard is configured as an enclosure characterized by a planimetric layout structured by a double dispositive position that determines the volumetric form of the ensemble made up of elements interlocked with each other. One side stands out as a hinge space that relates to the existing cemetery while architecturally distinguishing itself. A double-height courtyard, excavated 3.20 meters below ground level, resolves the relationship between the constituent parts of the cemetery enclosure.

The courtyard is configured as an enclosure characterized by a double dispositive position

The character of the new intervention is defined by the theme of seeking a relationship between the classical language of the existing structure and its infringement



Montichiari (BS) - Italia


Municipality of Montichiari


cemetery extension

Architectural Design
Arch. Camillo Botticini with Franco Sangalli, Milena Vivenzi Oscar de Maria, Nicola Faustini, Claudia Mistretta, Ignazio Marchetti, Michel Lesioli

Structural Design
Ing. Franco Palmieri

Project drawings

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Category: Spiritual

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