Mompiano Swimming Center


  • Piranesi Award 2013

    Selected project

  • Com’è andata a finire 2013

    Winner project

Mompiano Swimming Center

The architectural theme of the Brescia swimming center is developed by articulating a compact block of iridescent brown Klinker through a sequence of excavations that modify the facades in relation to internal functional and spatial organization and various external reference conditions. The distribution articulation involves three main functional cores: a main hall characterized by a whitened laminated wood beam roof, featuring a water polo pool with an 800-seat tribune, a three-level changing room core, a hall with two small pools for courses, and three outdoor pools. The main hall features a large continuous glass window facing the north lawn, while it opens to a patio with bamboo plants to the east.
The street front is characterized by a setback and backlit glass block wall.

An urban architecture, open to a specific relationship with the site, against the logic of sports facilities conceived as ubiquitous objects, placeable indiscriminately anywhere

Profonde fenditure tagliano, attraversandolo, il volume portando la luce all’interno delle piscine e costruendo precise relazioni visive tra le parti dell’impianto



Mompiano, Brescia - Italia


Brescia Mobilità S.p.A.

Total area

12000 mq

Built area

6840 mq


swimming center, water polo pool and bleachers, learning pools, outdoor pools, summer lido, bar and services

Architectural Design
Arch. Camillo Botticini, Arch. Francesco Craca and Arc Project Team: Arch. Michela Cibaldi, Arch. Paola Bettinsoli, Geom. Ignazio Marchetti

Construction Management:
Ing. Marco Rossi and Arch. Alessio Rossi

Structural Consultants
Studio Montanari & Partners S.r.l. – Ing. Luca Varesi and Ing. Giorgio Piliego

ITF and Electrical Design Consultants
Milano Progetti S.r.l., Palumbo Ingegneri Associati, Studio Cvr Engineering

Construction Company
Campana Costruzioni S.r.l.

© atelier XYZ, © Alessandro Galperti, © Prifti Valentina

Project drawings

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