Induno Olona Cemetery


  • Brescia Inarsind Award 2014

    Honorable mention

Induno Olona Cemetery

The expansion of the cemetery in Induno Olona, Varese, can be described as an "in between" project, situated between the courtyard of the old enclosure, designed by Maciachini, and the steep hill behind it.
In relation to the natural and artificial reference conditions, the intervention acts as a threshold, becoming a subject that regulates both visual and morphological relationships. This settlement operation is accomplished through the construction of a long parallelepiped clad in Carrara white marble. The volume is cut on the side facing the cemetery by a sequence of slots arranged with a harmonious but irregular rhythm, which, together with those on the roof with a regular pattern, give the internal space an intense modulation generated by natural light, changing throughout the day.

A project “in between” the courtyard of the old enclosure and the steep hill behind it, with a significant slope

The proposal creates a device capable of transforming the place by adopting its qualitative characteristics and reasons



Induno Olona (VA) - Italia


Municipality of Induno Olona

Built area

1000 mq


extension of the municipal cimitery

Architectural Design
Phase I: Arch. Camillo Botticini, Arch. Giulia de Appolonia (ABDA S.r.l.);
Phase II: Arch. Camillo Botticini, Arch. Matteo Facchinelli (Botticini + Facchinelli ARW S.r.l. S.t.p.)

Project Team
Arch. Christina Tsompanoglou, Arch. Gerardo Ubeda Rueda, Arch. Sahil Sharma, Arch. Alessandro Galperti, Arch. Lucia Fanetti, Arch. Amalia Dumitru, Arch. Anna Ghirardi

Site Management
Phase I: Arch. Camillo Botticini
Phase II: Technical Office Induno Olona

Operational Technical Management
Arch. Camillo Botticini

Structural Consultants
Ing. Franco Palmieri

ITF and Electrical Systems Design Consultants
Planex S.r.l., P.E. Diego Fioletti

© atelier XYZ, © Alessandro Galperti

Project drawings

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Category: Spiritual

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