Green Between

Green Between

Competition theme: reinventing the city. Utilizing existing urban materials to transform the current marginal character into one of qualitative and identity-driven urbanity, redefining the physical/social dimension of the entire neighborhood. This process involves defining a built space that creates measured and identifiable places and assigning a role to public/private open space to regulate relationships between the built environment, specifying new urban hierarchies, and achieving permeability of space to the ground. The settlement concept thus involves the extension of the "Green Rambla" from Parco Lambro to Crescenzago station, featuring squares, gardens, embankments, hills, patios, arcades, and diverse spaces. The built environment is characterized by a system of four "L-shaped" elements, linear structures (40-45 x 14 m) six stories high, integrated with a "tower" structure (27 x 14 m) twelve stories high. Measured and well-calibrated spaces in relation to building height provide a welcoming and urban social living dimension.

The built environment becomes an articulation of differentiated spaces that relate to the existing context by overturning its characteristics of marginality, capable of achieving a coherence that is not standardized and serial but qualitative among the parts, connecting to the surrounding conditions and transforming anonymous places into characterized spaces.

The apartments are characterized by the presence of habitable loggias around which the living area is articulated. The loggias, staggered on different floors, are conceived as green subtractions that environmentally characterize the facades and enrich the domestic space.



Crescenzago (MI) - Italia


Municipality of Milan – REDO sgr spa

Total area

14900 mq area intervento a raso

Built area

23800 mq


14,900 sqm of residential space for rent and 7,000 sqm of subsidized construction, with approximately 1,900 sqm dedicated to commerce and neighborhood services

Architectural Design
Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l. and Arch.Camillo Botticini (Botticini + Facchinelli ARW) for project coordination

Technical Director
Ing. Alberto Merlini (Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l.)

Project Manager
Arch. Paola Daleffe

Artistic Director and General Coordinator
Arch. Camillo Botticini (Botticini + Facchinelli ARW )

Project Team
Arch. Stefano Bordoli, Arch. Paolo Livi, Ing. Massimo Torquati

Project Leader (for Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l.)
Arch. Paola Daleffe

Structural Consultants
Ing. Alessandro Gasparini

Consultants for Electrical and HVAC Design
Ing. Andrea Andreis, Fabio Bolzoni

Acoustic Consultant
Arch. Eleonora Strada

Project drawings

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Category: Residential complex

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