Ex-Berardi Residences


  • Premio In/Arch - Ance 2011

    Selected project

  • Brescia Inarsind Award 2010

    Winner project

Ex-Berardi Residences

The architecture elaborated here interprets the urban condition in which it is located. In a context of isolated macro-objects, many of which exhibit clear vertical characteristics, the recent interventions of the Forum and Lombard Bank, together with the Tarello Park, contribute to a partially defined urban identity. The designed building does not appear as a suspended object within a plot of land, but as an element that constructs the place, seamlessly integrating open, built, and relational spaces. Being a strong presence is an intrinsic condition of an extended and volumetrically evident building in this specific case, yet its form and material convey an idea of living characterized by lightness. Without sacrificing privacy, the building creates a play of lights and shadows, material signs filtered through translucent and opaque glass, softened by vegetation that emerges through reflections.

A settlement principle that works on the idea of spatial continuity, where the proposed architecture measures, conforms, and structures the reference space

The architecture self-contextualizes in the sense that it constructs the place, opposing dispersion and peripheralization with measure and identity, without falling into a regressive historical interpretation



Brescia - Italia


Europa Risorse S.r.l.

Total area

32000 mq

Built area

13250 mq


residential building with 160 apartments, 36 of which are subsidized housing

Architectural Design
Arch. Camillo Botticini, Arch. Giulia de Appolonia (ABDA S.r.l.), Arch. Paolo Pasquini (Europa Risorse S.r.l.)

Project Team
Arch. Eleonora Zucchelli, Arch. Francesca Bignardi, Arch. Michela Cibaldi, Arch. Marzia Mainardi, Arch. Federica Mometto, Arch. Cristina Sipolo, Geom. Ignazio Marchetti, Arch. Alessandro Alberti, Arch. Alessandro Galperti

Construction Management
Ing. Carlo Matrone

Operational Technical Direction
Arch. Camillo Botticini (ABDA S.r.l.)

Structural Consultants
TECNE S.r.l. – Ing. Cremonesi with Ing. Gabriele Facchi, Ing. Giuseppe Natale

ITF and Electrical Design Consultants
TESIS S.r.l. – Ing. Marco Pinchetti, Ing. Angelo Zanotti, Ing. Giampiero Perrotta

Construction Company
Pietro Carsana & C. S.r.l.

© Alessandra Bello

Project drawings

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Category: Residential complex

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