Bowling Alley in Credaro

Bowling Alley in Credaro

Located in a scenic setting between the course of the Oglio River and the stone quarries of Credaro, the project, which included two playing fields, a bar, and changing rooms, becomes an opportunity to establish a relationship that allows the building's users to gaze towards the landscape. This can be experienced both by walking along the Promenade of the access ramp and through the glass panels whose transparency creates a visual continuum between the interior and exterior. The architectural object, shaped by a frame that outlines the contours and frames the local stone, simultaneously becomes an integrated and emerging element in the landscape.

The project resolves the complex relationship between a building with ample light and its syntactic articulation, between transparent and opaque parts, between static and dynamic elements, through the skillful use of glass, plaster, and stone

The uninhibited effectiveness of an overturning rigor



Credaro (BG) - Italia


Municipality of Credaro


bowling alley

Architectural Design
Arch. Camillo Botticini, Luca Fusini, Claudio Corna, Marco Angelini, Daniela Galli, Federico Omodei, Milena Vivenzi

Construction Company
Foresti di Chiuduno (BG)

© Emanuela Casagrande

Project drawings

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