Bagnolo Mella Cemetery (Phase 1)


  • “Luigi Cosenza” Architecture Award 2002

    Selected project

Bagnolo Mella Cemetery (Phase 1)

In relation to a now completed cemetery enclosure, the expansion intervention takes the form of an autonomous structure connected to the existing one through a small water courtyard. An elongated courtyard layout concludes with a loggia, serving as a distinctive element in the agricultural landscape. The relationship with the sky and the traditionally nineteenth-century design of the city of death generates an object that is particularly successful due to an unusual and skillful ambiguous choice. The exterior is a silent building that establishes a new exchange with the languages of the Iberian Peninsula, while the interior still borrows from the Roman domus a elongated sequence of atrium-peristyle-garden areas faintly identified, horizontally, by the reflections of shadows, the lawn, and the water mirror.

White cement for the cantilevered portico and Botticino marble slabs with the green of the lawn, water, and Byzantine gold inside the loggia

Eliminate the sensation of claustrophobia and compression from the recent expansions, maximizing the value of the space, even though it is confined



Bagnolo Mella (BS) - Italia


Municipality of Bagnolo Mella


cemetery extension

Architectural Design
Arch. Camillo Botticini, Claudio Corna, Federico Omodei, G. Rovetta

Structural Design
D. Aquilino

Construction Company
Benis Costruzioni Bergamo

© Giorgio Goffi, © Giovanni Rasia dal Polo

Project drawings

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Category: Spiritual

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