Azzano Mella Elementary School

Azzano Mella Elementary School

The expansion of Azzano Mella Elementary School adheres to a principle of flexibility that allows for adaptable distribution in the future. The classrooms open onto the open space with a continuous glass wall that visually extends them to the courtyard, creating the effect of an "ecole en plein air" totally projected outward. The classrooms are shielded from direct sunlight by a deep sunshade canopy. The building is intricately designed to embrace the surrounding open space, transforming the external area into an internal space belonging to the school. A system of green courtyards is created, measured by the extension of retaining walls that seamlessly connect to the building, defining a precise identity and rooted character of the building within the context.

The school is open to the outside but simultaneously protected by the walls that anchor it to the ground

The project aims to build a teaching environment that seamlessly integrates open and external spaces, giving the classrooms an intimate, domestic, and measured character



Azzano Mella (BS) - Italia


Municipality of Azzano Mella

Built area

1100 mq


elementary school

Architectural Design
Arch. Camillo Botticini

Claudio Corna, Ignazio Marchetti, Federico Omodei, Germano Rovetta, Milena Vivenzi, Nicola Faustini

Structural Design
Donato Aquino, Franco Palmieri

Systems Design
Associated Studio Valzelli

Construction Company

Project drawings

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