On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, ARW will participate in a new Energiesprong event by Edera titled “NETWORKING & MATCHING ENERGIESPRONG” at the Eco Contract in Milan, located at Corso Venezia 48.

The spread of Energiesprong in Italy is coordinated by EDERA S.r.l. Impresa Sociale, which aims to aggregate the demand for high-quality retrofits, push for the most appropriate economic and regulatory conditions, and support companies in the innovation process to provide solutions in line with Energiesprong standards and market expectations.

Among the activities conducted is the task of connecting various actors to create a beneficial ecosystem for the development of new processes and retrofitting solutions.

This happens through a dual collaboration with both the supply side (leading construction companies) and the demand side (managers and owners of large real estate assets), with the mediation of facilitating entities and the key contribution of designers who operate and believe in a new ecosystem.

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