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An inhabited Geography: six dwellings Vaprio d’Adda

Vaprio d'Adda, Milan, Italy

Fabrica Real Estate S.r.l.

in progress

Total area of intervention:
4.978 sqm

Build-up area:
2.615 sqm

Functional program:
Renovation of seven apartments, construction of six villas with a basement and implementation with a bike lane

Located in a context with a great landscape at the edge of the village of Vaprio sull’Adda facing towards the river. the site, with its steep sloping hairpin bend road that surrounds it, connects to Vaprio with the bridge over the river. A small wood surrounds part of the area. A cycle and pedestrian path on the we- stern edge connects the northern side of the park with a footbridge that passes over the hairpin bend.

As a result, the proposal is linked to the recovery of a small courtyard that is nestled in the village of Vaprio as well as the placement of six new housing units.
Considering that these are detached from the historical village, the idea was to create a project that would be like a “new geography” made up of walls and green roofs, with an architecture that becomes a landscape, while integrating with it and redefining it. only a few settlements are made, which are limited to walls that cut the ground and form terraces. these walls are perpendicular to the river and thus define the six residential units. to protect them from the road, they are enclosed to the west by a wall parallel to it on the western side. Towards the east, the six houses next to each other open up towards the river through glass windows with wooden frames on both the night zone on the lower level and on the day zone above , where the highest terrace is located, covered by a creeper attached to a metal beam that frames the land- scape of the river to the east. As an open-air room in addition to the living room, this outdoor area expands to the south with a small swimming pool. the garages are at the same level as the night zone and the entrance level, with a pedestrian path to the south.

Extra notes

Lead architects:
Arch. Camillo Botticini, Arch. Matteo Facchinelli (Botticini+Facchinelli ARW S.r.l. S.t.p.)

Design team:
Arch. Lucia Fanetti, Arch. Ilaria Taietti

Facility consultant:
Eng. Luca Mora

Landscaping consultant:
Green Design Roberto Cigliano