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Living in Brezzo di Bedero: a new inhabited geography

Brezzo di Bedero, Varese, Italy

This development concerns thirty residential units that can be defined as patio houses placed sequentially in a hilly area facing Lake Maggiore, which are introduced to complete existing allotment developments. The proposal’s interpretation of the existing geography transforms the steep slope of the land, which faces the lake, into a sequence of inhabited terraced houses. Here, a matrix consisting of a house with an L-shaped layout produces a sequence of spaces in which the wall of the adjacent house defines a patio.

The proposal is aimed at the maximum contextual integration of minimum units measuring 80 and 120 square meters, and the residential complex is fully integrated with the slope of the land, limiting as much as possible its impact on the existing land lots. Green roofs reinforce the perception of a condition of total hybridisation between artifice and natural landscape.

The access routes to the houses are located at a level one meter lower than the level of the dwellings, so as to ensure their secludedness.  The individual units may also be integrated with a swimming pool located at the edge of the rise that separates them from the access routes.  At the centre of the allotment, a transversal path connects the different house levels and leads to the green areas and the common pool, located downstream, while the roads and the parking lots remain on the perimeter of the allotment.