Italy - France- Europe


Almenno San Bartolomeo, Bergamo - Italy

Soc. Locatelli S.p.a.


Total area of intervention:
1.311 sqm

Build-up area:
4.102 sqm

The project involves the expansion and recovery of an existing industrial structure, which is completed with the creation of a museum intended to represent the previous life of the building and the production of the company that used to live in it.
The project is based on continuity between a new structure, created to integrate the parts built later, and a corrugated and perforated metal skin that materially embodies this continuation, both physically and conceptually.
On the roof, a volume characterised by a large metal beam is added which, by integrating the new bodies with the existing ones, becomes an overhang towards the street capable of defining a public square.
The chromatic contrast between the black metal and the red-coloured glass surface is decisive because it stands out as a strong signalling element at night. The covered square is also designed to be a privileged and sheltered entrance threshold to the museum.