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Living in Brezzo di Bedero

Brezzo di Bedero, Varese, Italia

Borgosesia Spa

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Total area of intervention:
2,212.37 sqm (of intervention), car parks 915 sqm (of which 429 sqm covered)

Build-up area:
4.667,85 (sqm

Functional program:
Residential complex of 31 patio houses

The project consists of thirty residential units that can be defined as patio houses placed in sequence in a hilly context facing Lake Maggiore and placed to complete existing parcels of land. The proposal interprets the existing geography by transforming the steep slope of the land, facing the lake, into a sequence of inhabited terraces. Here, through a matrix consisting of a house with an L-shaped layout, a sequence of spaces is defined where the wall of the adjacent house defines a patio.

The proposal is aimed at the maximum contextual integration of minimum units of 80 and 120 square metres. The residential system is totally integrated with the slope of the land, limiting its impact on the context and the existing height of the land as much as possible. The green roofs reinforce the perception of a condition of total hybridization between artifice and natural landscape.

The access paths to the residences are located one metre below the level of the dwellings to prevent introspection.  The individual units can also be integrated by a swimming pool located at the edge of the plinth separating them from the access routes.  In the centre of the lot, a transversal pathway connects the different levels of the residence and leads to the communal green areas and swimming pool, located downstream, while the roads and parking areas remain on the perimeter of the lot.

Extra notes
Ulteriori note

Progettazione architettonica:
Arch. Camillo Botticini, Arch. Matteo Facchinelli (Botticini+Facchinelli ARW S.r.l. S.t.p.)

Gruppo di progetto:
Arch. Lucia Fanetti, Arch. Ilaria Taietti, Arch. Arianna Bordignon

Fase di progetto:
Preliminare avanzata

Atelier XYZ,