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A new urban landscape: the sports citadel of Novara

The reference context of the project constitutes an extraordinary opportunity for urban and landscape redevelopment. The development is capable of overturning a general condition of degradation that here, like elsewhere, often accompanies sports facilities and in particular the areas surrounding stadiums. These are always linked to large parking areas that appear abandoned when they are not being used by sporting and entertainment events. 

The Agogna stream and the vegetation surrounding it define the landscape context, marking a net ridge separating it from the agricultural landscape, setting itself as a fundamental element for the enhancement of the area.

At the base of the project, the settlement choices can be summarised into two main elements: firstly, as this is a park, the proposed development redefines the open space as a qualitative, public-use space, which can be utilised in full. The second element proposes the systemisation of both the existing buildings that appear as floating in a void, and the new elements that are structured as a sequence of “fences”. These elements can be singled out as well as seen in relation to each other. The connective space between these objects becomes ‘public space’, which is both paved and green. 

The public space at the base of the proposal is offered, in the part covered by the lawn, by the modelling of the land which, in the park towards the Agogna stream, defines open-air rooms capable of containing the various sports activities foreseen.